Peerless Wiping Cloth Co. supplies wipes, towels, and mill ends for every commercial and industrial need.

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Choose the right colored clothes for your industry. We have solutions for intense grime, grease, and dirt as well as high absorbency materials ideal for car washes.


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We offer colored wipers to fit your industry and purpose. Choose the best colored wipers depending on the types of surfaces you clean and the materials you intend to wipe up.

Find the right colored wipers for your industry

  • Colored corduroy: These wipers feature a high percentage of cotton. They have a higher absorbency than denim. Ideal for: Mechanic shops and maintenance; locations dealing with grease and oil.

  • Colored polo T-shirts: These medium-duty wipers are the most versatile. They're handy when it comes to wiping up oil and grease. They're high cotton and low lint Intended for maintenance shops, and mechanics.

  • Colored flannel: Select these mostly cotton wipers if you're looking for a soft and absorbent material that's handy around the shop.

  • Colored sweatshirt / fleece: Sweatshirt and fleece wipers are considered the best all-around wipers. In addition to picking up oil and grease, these can help you get grime off of metal such as pipes.

  • Denim wipers: Our denim wipers are ideal for moving heavy materials such as grease, dirt, and oil Intended for heavy industrial use.

  • Colored cotton pant legs: These are ideal shop rag substitutes. They are medium weight.

  • Near white wipers: The best color cotton shirt wipers - these produce very little lint.

  • Colored Turkish wipers: These absorbent wipers have the texture of terry cloth bathrobes.

  • Colored towels: Intended for use at car washes and for general cleaning.

  • Colored bed sheets: These towels are light weight and free of lint; ideal for

         general-purpose cleaning.