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Care for scratch-prone surfaces and vehicles with white towels. Our selection includes:

Care for vehicles and sensitive surfaces with white towels

White towels are ideal for car care. If your business deals with vehicle cleaning or preparation, make sure to select low-lint white towels to keep your vehicles free of scratches. Give your cars the extra care they deserve.

Select white towels for your car wash or dealership

  • White chenille towels: These soft towels are made of 100% cotton and are highly absorbent.

  • Pure towels: Cost-effective low-lint towels made out of T-shirt material.

  • White towels: Invest in these all-purpose towels for general cleaning; useful for car washes.

  • White bed sheets: These towels are general purpose, light weight, and linen-free.

  • White flannel: These are the ideal rags for buffing and detailing. Made of 100% cotton.

  • White thermal: Pick the 'long underwear' towels for a high-cotton, low-lint option.

  • White Turkish wipers: For a highly absorbent towel, choose the terry cloth bathrobe material of white Turkish wipers.


White towels are ideal for auto care, buffing, and general purpose. Avoid scratches on surfaces by selecting the appropriate white towel.


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